Thank you for the engaging and entertaining presentations you have led at high schools across Clark County.  It has been an honor to see you share the accessibility, the complexity as well as the ease of looping technology.  We have witness students with varying degrees of musical skills give their full attention to you and for some, we have seen their desire to participate in each of your presentations grow from skepticism to full emergence.  We have overheard students share their excitement and desire to learn more, which is the targeted goal.


We thank you for sharing your talents and look forward to sending you out to additional schools in the future.

Kim Russell

Program Manager - Education and Outreach

The Smith Center



Dear Just Alliance,

"Enagaging....exciting....and very informative. Live Looping for any experience level is made easy and approachable by one of the best in the looping business!

-Aaron Marino, BOSS USA Sales Manger


Vocal Looping, Musical education, available for corporate events!