Current music industry trends and practices that can help young musicians or music programs secure endorsements, venues, sponsorships and tours is woven into these clinics as well. With The Sing Off, The Voice and Pitch Perfect more popular than ever, a working knowledge of this 21st century vocal art form has never been more relevant. Highlights focus on touring, social media practices, website design, securing gigs, monetizing your music, riders, music endorsements and sponsorships and more

 An easy to understand power point explains the technical side of this emerging music platform in addition to providing students the tools needed to pursue, achieve and flourish earning corporate partners in the music industry. Real life examples of current music business and marketing trends will include social media, artist management, touring, and website design. Each area is explored to illustrate how each of these can be managed to enhance an artist’s visibility on multiple markets and turn an artist’s passion into a paycheck. Equipping a musician with many of the industry standards will be discussed. Items will include: stage plots, hospitality riders, tech riders and submitting yourself to both talent and music manufacturers in a positive and effective manner. Leveraging this skill set in both the music and academia worlds is also discussed.


Vocal Looping, Musical education, available for corporate events!