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Electro-Voice Evolve 50: Unboxing and Set Up

LAS VEGAS - Go out and get the Evolve 50...Like right now. I'll still be here when you get back. Trust me, it's a monster of a PA and super easy to set up. Grab your keys....go down to the music shop and get one...or two. I'll wait.


Alright, welcome back! Congrats on your new Evolve 50. Yes, if you didn't go out and get one just now, we can still be friends. Better yet, if you don't have one in your possession just yet, you can still glean a bit from this blog and video to help you decide the Evolve 50 is a worthwhile investment to your PA needs.

Remember all of the infomercials back in the day: "Buy one in the next 30 mins and we will included blah blah blah for FREE" or my favorite "Batteries not included." I'll be damned if that wasn't the bane of my existence the first few years of me being in the vocal looping game. I'd go a new piece of gear....then get home to discover the power supply or cables needed or controller wasn't included. Then it's back into my cleanest dirty shirt....into the car...and back into the music shop three mins to closing to get whatever I'd overlooked the first time.

This blog will let you know what's onboard the Evolve 50 right out of the box. Actually I'll tell you here, and you can see it in the video as well.

1. Speaker top

2. Pole

3. Sub

4. Power Cord

5. Instruction Manual

That's it. But....that's all you need to go to the gig and set up and perform! Upcoming blogs and videos will address the more technical side of the Evolve 50, but today's is only showing what comes included.

Good luck with your Evolve 50. I'll be here waiting for any questions.


Electro Voice Evolve 50

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