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College Of Southern Nevada Workshop: Chasing Your Passion

"Paging Dr. Ahmed"

LAS VEGAS, NV- I've taught from one of end of this country to the other. There are a handful of certainties one can take into any learning environment. Certainties, that without question can be there own blog. However, this blog addresses the odd phenomenon that happens in the classroom: a-ha moments happen when you least expect them. Below is more or less word for word what happened in last week's lecture series I invited to conduct for the Communications College at College Of Southern Nevada.

To set the scene, I was talking about chasing your passion. A few students made it known that they are still trying to figure that out. I assured them it was completely ok. After my assurance, I noticed one student whose eyes told me he hadn't fully committed to a passion yet.

Me: Whats your passion?

Student: I love helping people.

Me: Why?

Student: It makes me feel good.

Me: So what are you going to do with your education that allows you to help people?

Student. I want to go into medicine and be a doctor.

I pause. I look around the classroom and notice the class is waiting on my reaction to his very specific career choice. I look at the student.

Me: Come up here.

(Student walks up. I put my arm around him)

Me: What's your last name?

Student: Ahmed

Me: I want everybody watch this. Watch him.

( I don't say anything for about 10 seconds..I wait for the silence make things just a little off setting......then finally...)

Me: Doctor Ahmed.

(The student is all smiles....and quite frankly...beaming standing there next to me.)

Me: How does that feel?

Future Doctor Ahmed: It feels amazing!!!!

Me: That's why you need to do it. That's what makes it your passion.

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