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Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M: Setting Up In Stereo

Lets face it, it’s always great getting the opportunity to perform in a stereo environment. Getting to use panning effects you’ve spent weeks dialing in or the mix you have really, really…..really worked on is about where you want it...and now you have the rare luxury of a stereo PA and want to sound your best.

Well lets carpe that diem and get set up in stereo (!) on the new Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M’s.


You Will need

2 X EVOLVE 30M’s

1 X XLR Male to Female Cable (desired length)

Evolve LEFT will be MASTER, Evolve RIGHT will be SLAVE

Ok so far? Ok here we go...


But first....

1. Set up EVOLVE 30M’s at desired space apart

2. Plug in XLR FEMALE into MIX OUT on Evolve MASTER

3. Plug in XLR MALE into Input 5 on Evolve SLAVE


On Your EVOLVE 30M MASTER (See below)

1. Press DSP knob

2. Scroll to MIX OUT

3. Select ‘L’

4. EXIT Out


On Your EVOLVE 30M SLAVE (See below)

1. Press DSP knob

2. Scroll to Mix OUT

3. Select 'R'

4. EXIT out

Now you're set in stereo! If you want to check out the (lateral) spread of the pan in relation to your speaker set up, I recommend streaming Bluetooth through your phone and checking the levels. One of the little gems I found made for this task is this Youtube video right here. Caution: It's super catchy!

Good luck out there everybody....and congrats on your new EVOLVE 30M's!

Just Alliance

Las Vegas, NV

February 2020

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