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Journey // Faithfully (Live Looping Cover)

LAS VEGAS, NV -Back in early March when the world was put on time-out I reached out to a close friend of mine and told him, "I think I'm gonna jump into the vocoder." He walked me through getting it set up and I would talk to him once a week thereafter and keep him up to date on my progress or (at times) lack thereof.

Finally one night I called him:

"Hey man. I shot a video on the vocoder."

"Awesome! Send it."

Ten minutes later he calls me back....

"So this is how you have been spending quarantine huh?"

I laughed and told him we are all in the same boat and all have the same problem of being on time-out. I also told him its not our problems that define us...but how we deal with them.

Here's how I dealt with lock-down.

I hope you all found a constructive way to deal with yours.


Las Vegas, NV

May 2020

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