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BOSS VE-500 // So You Want To Get Into Vocal Effects

So you want to get into vocal effects huh?

Why? Are you tired of belting out that power ballad on a mic that's drier than 2nd period geometry class? Do you want to set your own EQ? Is it being able to dial in your own compression that you know(!) will make your gig hit that much harder? Are you wanting to make your voice sound like...well...anything besides the human voice?

Whatever your reason is: Welcome to Team Vocal Effects. There is a million different ways to achieve your own version of success and the next couple of weeks I will be posting about the BOSS VE-500. If you're not familiar with it just yet, then I invite you to take a look at the included video. 100% voice. 100% live. 100% one take.

Besides shameless and reckless self promotion, I am also pointing out the video to show you a small piece fo what you can do when you dive into your own voice and shape, hammer, forge and manipulate it into your own creative color palette.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to cover one basic part of vocal effects per week and invite discussion and friendly debate as needed. Ultimately my goal is to help you realize your own creative vision and hopefully pass it on to the next person.

Enjoy the video...and keep your eyes here every week for a new blog and/or video.

Oh and subscribe to my blog on the front page of my site. Anytime I post a new blog, it will go directly to your email. No I don't spam. Thats wack.


November 15, 2020

Las Vegas, NV


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