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BOSS VE-500 (How To Set EQ and Compression)

When I was in college the girl I was seeing at the time had her birthday fast approaching and to suprise her, I thought it prudent to bake her a platter of pre-birthday festivity cupcakes with her name on it and the confession of my love for her. I toiled long and hard in the kitchen and make the cupcake batter and while they baked, I called ahead to her favorite Italian spot in Vegas to make reservations for two.

Forty or so minutes later I took my cupcakes out of the oven to discover that they were....well....something out of an Aliens movie. They looked like the halfway point betwixt disaster and despair. Retracing my culinary path, I soon found out I put twice as many eggs into half as much flour that was called for.

My cupcakes were ruined, but the lesson remained: if you get the perfect blend of the core components of a tasty treat for your significant other, then the rest of on the cake.

Compression and EQ are the core components of your voice. The eggs and flour if you will of your sound. Get those correct and the delays, reverbs and chorus you put on are easily applied icings on your sonic plate.

Compression is going to be the average distance between the whisper and roar of your song and EQ is going to be the sonic finger print applied to your performance. How does Enya get the super breathy sound in her recordings? EQ. How does Billie Eilish get her whisper to be so commanding on her records? Compression. Compression and EQ is going to help dictate what space your voice occupies on the EQ spectrum.

In the video attached I show you where to find EQ and Compression onboard the BOSS VE-500. once you're done there, check out this video by Joe GIlder explaining EQ. This dude is ridiculous smart...but explains stuff in way in line with shooting the breeze with your buddies in the garage on a Saturday night.

Circle back next week too. I'm taking you further into vocal effects and the BOSS VE-500. If you're diggin my blogs do all the things: like, subscribe, etc. If there is something you'd like me to cover, then leave a comment below.

Stay creative...


Las Vegas, NV

November 24, 2020


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