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BOSS VE-500 Tutorial : How To Set A Tap Tempo


So you have finally dove headfirst into the VE-500 to discover the myriad of effects onboard. The reverbs to make your voice sound like its in a vast canyon...a delay to give it room and you have EQ'd your voice so it cuts through the band...or the ambient room noise. Still though....any time sensitive effects are still just not cutting it due to them being out of time. Say less and look no further. This video I put together will give you the option of setting one of your buttons onboard to serve as a tap tempo. Now any(!) of your time-based effects (delay, filters, etc) will be in time with your band....or whatever song you're playing. I'm fairly certain there are others way of programming your VE-500, but this seemed to work for me. Now go and get your creative ass behind that pedal and make it happen!


Las Vegas, NV

September 2022


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