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Sennheiser EW IEM G4 Tutorial Overview (Unboxing, Set Up, Sync)

LAS VEGAS, NV- Alright, election season is over and now all of you are probably asking yourself the same question,

"Hmmm....what in ear monitor system should I get into?"

No? Just me? Ok fine. The point is, there are a lot of options out there and we all know Sennheiser makes great gear across the board. In working with this unit recently I found it super easy to set up and there is zero fidelity loss from your music source ( in my case my loop station) to your in ear monitors. So take a look at the included video and watch how easy it is to set up and include into your live shows.

Oh...and if you're looking for In Ear Monitors to round out your purchase....give the the fine people at Westone Audio a call. There's a litany of reasons I've used exclusively their ears for nearly five years.

But that's another blog for another time....


Las Vegas, NV

November 8th, 2020


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