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BOSS RC-505 Tutorial : Using the 'One Shot Feature'

LAS VEGAS- I love social media.

Actually, that's a lie. It's a pain to always keep up on the trends practices and weekly algorithms that can either bury a post or video or album news, or have you wake up the next morning with 15k views overnight.

But their are parts of social media that are redeeming. How great is it that people from all around the world can reach out to you in the comfort of your car, house, subway ride, morning commute breakfast nook and sing your praises, condemn your creative choices or in other instances.....ask for help.

When an artists ask for help you help..."Because that's what heroes do." ---Thor

A few days ago a gentlemen from Chile reached out and asked how the vocal looping monster known as Saro did a particular trick. I asked for the video and time stamped wizardry and upon looking at it, it was as simple as utilizing the 'One Shot' feature onboard the BOSS RC-505. Check out the 6:00 and 6:21 mark for the trick he wanted to know how it was done.

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