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BOSS VE-500 : Attaching An Expression Pedal Tutorial

BOSS VE-500....One baaaaad pedal!

The BOSS VE-500 is a versatile vocal processor that gives the vocalist endless possibilities to affect, control, mix, manipulate and push their music into previously uncharted territory. Something that I have grown to appreciate is that the VE-500 gives the musician all of the creative possibilities for their voice…..but also all of the in depth controls BOSS is known for.

At first glance with a handful of knobs and buttons, the VE-500 looks to be limited in its controls

Believe me it's not. What's waiting for you under the hood, is super detailed functions and options to shape your voice in nearly endless combinations.

For the artist that wants to use an expression pedal to turn on and off effects, bring in delays, effect swells, change EQ frequencies (just to name a few) then this blog is for you, a literal step by step to linking an expression pedal into your VE-500 and giving you even more control over your sound.

BOSS Expression Pedal

For the blog you will need:

1 x BOSS VE-500


(*No it doesn’t have to be BOSS….it's not proprietary)


Before We Get Started

Go ahead and plug the expression pedal into the CT1,2/EXP port in the back of the VE-500. It’s right next to where you plug in your power supply.

Got it? Ok.

Oh, I’m going to have a few sidenotes to explain a few things along the way that are common questions I get from people in lessons, workshops etc. Think of them as side quests in a videogame, they aren’t necessary if you need to get the info and go on about your day...but it does have the ability to make your life easier when navigating BOSS products.

You ready? Here we go.

Select your patch you want edit, (I selected U62)….and now we begin


1. Press ‘Effect Edit’

2. Scroll to 'CTL' (Control)

2. Scroll to 'CTL' (Control)

3. Enter

4.Scroll to EXP (Expression Pedal)

5. Enter

6. FUNC: 'Off'

7. Exit

8. Scroll to CT 1 (Control One)

2. Scroll to 'CTL' (Control)

9. Enter

10. FUNC: Off

11. Exit

12. Scroll to CTL 2 (Control 2)

13. Enter

14. FUNC: Off

15. Exit

16. Scroll to ASSIGN 1

17. Enter (Make sure you're on page one)

18. SW: On // EXP: Source// Mode: Moment

19. Page right (black button right above the harmony button)

22. Category: Choose your effect!

Target: What knob within that effect will be articulated?

24. Page Right

25. MIN and MAX : Meaning how much of the effect will the EXP Pedal be responsible for at MIN (heel down) and MAX (toe down)

26. Press WRITE and ENTER to save/name your patch

Its that easy!!! I know, I know….I can hear you out there, “Dude, 26 steps isn’t easy!” It is once you get the hang of it and you’ve done it a few times. I recommend making some scratch effect banks where if you save it, it won’t overwrite the patch.

I have a companion piece to this blog I will put out very, very soon. Keep an eye out for that. Happy practicing everybody. Hit me up if you have any questions.


Las Vegas, NV

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