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BOSS Pedals: Whats The Difference Between Source, Category and Target?

LAS VEGAS, NV- If you’re new to BOSS gear or have used them for a while, you will notice onboard many of the mutli-effects pedals ( and loop stations) a few options that don’t reveal themselves at first glance. The options I’m talking about is the Source, Category and Target controls. What are these? What do they do? How can I use them? Fret not, like James Brown in the 60’s….I got you. Tonight’s blog will make the complex easy….and give you the keys to getting more out of your BOSS gear.

The options above simply give you more controls over your pedal. A piece I’ve been working with lately is the very under rated BOSS VE-500. For singers, beatboxers, vocal loopers and might want to take a look at this pedal. The product review will be another blog, but tonight’s blog will be focusing on navigating and understanding the Source, Category and Target options oboard your BOSS pedals.



Source is the button or pedal that engages an effect

Example: “If I press (button).......then (effect) happens.

The source will be the (button) you assign it!

The assignable buttons: CT1 (Control One) , CTL 2 (Control 2), FS Switch, EXP (Expression Pedal)



Category is the effect getting engaged.

Example: If I press (CTL 1) …...then my (DELAY) is engaged.

Effects : Reverb, Distortion, Delay, Compression, Filter, Etc…



Target is the effect parameter within a particular effect.

Example: Our category is DELAY…...and our Target is DELAY FEEDBACK

The Target will be particular to the effect engaged. REVERB will have different options than FILTER. COMPRESSION will have different options than EQ.


Play around with your effects now and notice how much more control and options you're going to have now! Anyt questions....hit me up on my contact page.

See ya onstage...


Las Vegas , NV , USA

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