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BOSS VE-500 (How To Set An Effect)

We all have our favorite artists who inspire us right? Some inspire oyu at the personal level, orthers at the artistic level. One of my inspirations come from the family friendly band .......Rammstein. Yes, that Rammstein. No, I don't plan of having leather suits and Brutalist inspired architecture at my live shows once the world is allowed to go out and play, but when it comes to certain sounds of just resonates. Their distorted guitars are prime examples of what great sound design is for me: present, clear and effective. It's never overpowering, but I'll be damned if you don't know if they guitar is there sounding like the screeching hinges of hell.

Now, hyperbole aside, the time has (or will come) when you want to set an effect on your voice. Remember in the last blog when talked about the icing on the cake? That icing is the effects....and the effects are whats going to take your performance to the next level.

Take a peek at this week's video. If you want to set up a lone effect on your voice, then this is the video for you. If what I wrote about having your instrument sound like the 'screeching gates of hell' then that's going to force me to bring out my BOSS GT-1000.

Which I NEVER need an excuse to do! :O)

Check out he video...hit me up if you have questions.


Las Vegas, NV

December 1, 2020


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